Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer

CloudTeam has been in the business of providing training since 2003 and, as a result, has been closely observing changes in tools and teaching methods. Knowledge Transfer Product combines the tools we have created and those available on the market with new methods of delivering competences to IT teams.

Knowledge transfer is a platform that focuses on the client’s expectations regarding the target competence of individuals and not on lecture agendas and numbers representing authorized training items. Below you will find basic information about the method we offer and the values resulting from it.

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Preparation of students to independently carry out development and maintenance for solutions based on AWS/Azure/GP resources 

Developed educational programs (paths), supporting specialisation and competence of employees including preferences and restrictions

Educational programs (paths) preparation, supporting specialisations and competences

Access to an e-learning platform containing training materials and/or online laboratories necessary for educational paths implementation

Weekly mentoring time

Guaranteed access to the group work tool (closed discussion group) with a mentor response time of no longer than the next business day after posting a question

Team members’ skill acquisition confirmed by obtaining at least xx% positive trial exam results from active program participants

Successfully completed period of x-month test of independent maintenance of services by members of the contracting authority’s team, along with a set success criterion