Cloud Hackathons


What is CloudHackathon?

CloudHackathon is a tool for practical acquisition and verification of students’ knowledge. This platform allows you to gain knowledge in the field of Cloud technology through teamwork in the cloud environments of the three largest providers - Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform.

CloudHackathon is a scheduled event, usually lasting from 2 to 8 hours, and the competition takes place between teams made up of usually 2 to 4 people. Participants work on temporary environments created and deleted for the challenges and on the vendor console (Azure/AWS/GCP). The entire event is supervised by a moderator, acting as a mentor, who oversees the event and helps teams with any problems with challenges available in the challenge catalogue or those defined by the administrator depending on individual needs, resulting in an unlimited number of hackathons.

Want to see how the CloudHackathon works?


The product offers a wide catalogue of ready-made scenarios and the ability to freely define the issue of the challenge and its environment, e.g. for the needs of a specific subject or implementation.

Hackathon themes

Unlimited themes of hackathons, e.g. security, CI/CD, data analysis, network configuration, own templates for implementation.

Multicloud scenarios

Hackathons may cover areas that use multicloud areas (e.g. connecting an application running on AWS with a GCP service, etc.).

AWS, Azure and GCP clouds

Verification of students’ operational skills in practice in the area of the three largest public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure i Google Cloud Platform.


Possibility to monitor the event in real time by the moderator - insight and control of the progress of teams and possible help in tasks.

Hints in tasks

During the event, teams have the opportunity to use hints with three levels of description detail (the last being practically a task instruction). Using hints reduces the number of points received.

Live Leaderboard

Ability to monitor progress and performance against other teams in real time.