Solutions for universities

CloudTeam provides IT solutions for universities. As we are part of the academic community, we feel responsible for the success of our clients and partners, which is why one of the most important tasks we set ourselves is to understand their needs and reflect them in the projects we implement.

Remote learning and teaching support
University management
University equipment
We have been teaming up with universities for 10 years
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Remote learning and teaching support


Platform for conducting online exams. This tool is built on the basis of our many years of experience in the field of education.


CloudLabs is a platform for assigning computing environments to students. Once they have received an email with a link to the environment, students can operate it from anywhere and anytime.


A tool for practical acquisition and verification of students' knowledge in the area of cloud technology through teamwork in cloud environments.


Dedicated learning platform for higher education, supporting all fields of study with AI support.


An interactive platform for learning programming and verifying programming skills.

University OnDemand

Tool for gathering knowledge resources and tracking students’ progress.

Business Simulations

Educational games that allow participants to make real business decisions in a safe, virtual environment.


CloudTeam is one of the leading IT training centers in Poland specializing in Cloud Computing.

Knowledge transfer

A new method for delivering competencies to IT teams.

University management

Integration of university systems

Integration of university information systems to enable data exchange.

EU Funds

Assistance with fundraising and implementation and accounting for EU projects.

Implementing communication tools

Assistance in implementing communication tools.

University equipment

Lenovo devices

Lenovo hardware solutions.

Samsung devices

Samsung hardware solutions.

Hybrid lecture hall

Solutions for education from A+V

Virtual reality

Building emptiness through virtual reality.


Interactive dashboards.