Hardware solutions for universities

Samsung Flip

With global changes in education, there is a significant increase in demand for digital solutions. The way knowledge is acquired is evolving, with traditional classrooms and lecture theatres being replaced by more interactive and engaging virtual spaces. Analogue whiteboards do not offer the same capabilities as their digital counterparts, which allow content to be presented in different ways for a better classroom experience. Samsung Flip 2 is an interactive whiteboard that allows lecturers to simultaneously present material, take notes, and edit and update content in real-time UHD quality. Flip is available in different versions – 55” on a mobile stand, 65” and 85” – and can be used in classroom teaching for teamwork in small groups.

The Flip can also be used in conjunction with a Samsung LED video wall when delivering in-person lectures in large venues.

Desktop monitors

Samsung offers not only solutions for teachers and lecturers, but also for university administrative staff and students. Designed to follow the natural curvature of the human eye, the monitors unify viewing angles and significantly increase comfort. With a curved monitor, you can view content for longer periods of time and work without eyestrain. In addition, the ability to replace several monitors with one powerful, high-resolution screen makes multi-tasking much easier. Office monitors provide excellent visibility and save the user’s time from scrolling or zooming.


The MagicINFO solution is a comprehensive platform that offers simple remote hardware and software management, and enables content presentation teams to update projected messages and display schedules from anywhere at any time. The platform is also compatible with a variety of Samsung commercial display types, ensuring immersive, high-quality content is displayed across the entire digital signage network. MagicINFO allows to control different types of displays, including indoor, outdoor and LED. Thanks to innovative technology, users can be sure that they are using the most up-to-date hardware solution to manage their content.

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