EU Funds

and Public Procurement

We are aware that our customers are not only interested in the products we offer, but also in other products for which funds are needed. The framework of cooperation with our company includes a wide range of assistance in obtaining funds, implementation and settlement of EU projects and consultancy under the Public Procurement Law.

We have a base of independent consultants who, thanks to many years of experience, will lead you step by step through the process of project implementation. In the last 10 years, our consultants have obtained over PLN 300 million of funds from central and regional operational programmes for various universities. The consultants are, of course, external, but their professionalism and experience with many universities leads us to believe that contacting them will be a real help to you.

In the new EU perspective for 2021-2027, it is estimated that around PLN 11 billion may be allocated to solutions and technological projects related to broadly understood digital education in the coming years under the cohesion policy and the National Reconstruction Plan. This pool will be supplemented by funds for the development of innovative R&D solutions in SMEs from the edtech industry.

In Priority I: “Skills” under the Measure “Skills in higher education”, there will be competitions in four areas:

  1. Education for the needs of key industries
  2. Development of qualifications and competences of teaching staff
  3. Education for the needs of the economy
  4. Development of qualifications and competences of adults

It will be necessary to develop professional and general competencies and skills of students, doctoral students as well as academic and scientific personnel, in particular in those areas which are key from the point of view of development of a modern economy.

Another important challenge will be to continue activities in the area of creating relations between universities and the socio-economic environment and improve the adjustment of higher education to the needs of the labour market and growth requirements, through cooperation with employers for example, as well as implementation of commissioned education.

It will be necessary to complement and deepen activities related to internationalisation of the Polish higher education sector and science by increasing the mobility of foreign students and scientists and strengthening activities related to internationalisation of studies.

In Priority III: “Accessibility and Services for people with disabilities” in Measure: “Accessibility of higher education’, competitions will be held in two areas:

  1. Accessible university - continuation of support for POWER beneficiaries (so-called large DOS)
  2. Accessible university - MINI/MIDI path for inexperienced applicants (so-called small DOS)

It is important that higher education is accessible to all without restrictions. The most important thing is increasing the quality of offered educational services, including focusing activities on ensuring innovation and flexibility in adapting such services to the needs of recipients.

The above assumptions enable us to provide universities with broad support in undertaking new initiatives and continuing activities from the previous 2014-2020 financial perspective. Currently, our company has confirmed six competitions closely related to universities, which is why we encourage you to contact us to discuss potential cooperation.

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