Hybrid lecture hall

Solutions for education from A+V

One of the biggest challenges in education today is to enable lecturers to seamlessly use advanced technological solutions. In other words: the lecturer should pay as little attention as possible to the use of devices and as much as possible to students.

The implementation of digital solutions in education is a long-term process, which is why A+V relies on ready-made, proven standards and cooperation with the best suppliers. Thanks to this, a solid base is created for creative work with students.

A+V provides universities with solutions tailored to their real needs. Experienced designers and integrators of audiovisual systems equip the rooms with the necessary tools to conduct classes in a way that improves students’ digital competences. The company provides complete and advanced solutions that are simple and intuitive to use – they are primarily used by students and lecturers.

One example of a functional visual solution are hybrid lecture halls that enable the integration of remote and on-site teaching systems.

The hybrid lecture hall provides the ability to conduct lectures in 3 modes: traditional, hybrid and remote.

Dedicated use of the room:

  • A hybrid lecture, when the lecturer and some students stay in the room, and some participate in the lecture remotely.
  • A remote lecture, when only the lecturer is in the room and all students connect remotely from home.


  • The lecturer does not need to have a computer with a videoconferencing application. They start classes with one click, after which the entire audiovisual system of the room and the video transmission system are automatically launched.
  • Class schedules of all students are entered in the Microsoft Teams calendar. Students using remote learning can see their classes in the application, while the lecturer can view the schedule of classes that take place in a given room on a panel built into the department.
  • The room is equipped with a high-quality projector with a laser light source, placed under the ceiling. The projector displays the image onto an electrically extendable screen, adjusted to the room size. The screen automatically expands when the projector is turned on and collapses when it is turned off.
  • Under the ceiling, on a movable pan/tilt head, there is a camera directed at the teacher and the screen. The teacher has at their disposal a large viewing monitor hung on the wall, displaying a mosaic of images from students’ remote cameras. Thanks to this, the lecture can see both people in the room and those studying at home.
  • The teacher’s voice is captured using a ceiling microphone matrix. It provides a wide operating area with the function of eliminating unwanted noise. Thanks to this, the lecturer can move freely and be well heard by students without the need to use a wireless microphone.
  • Next to the projection screen, on which the lecturer’s presentation is displayed, there is an additional monitor on a mobile trolley, which is used by the lecturer, for example, to make notes on the presentation.
  • The lecturer ends the lecture by pressing one button on the touch panel. The system and all devices automatically turn off. The lecture can be recorded, shared and reproduced in the future as e-learning material.


  • laser projector on a ceiling mount,
  • projection screen, electrically expanded,
  • viewing monitor on a wall mount,
  • additional monitor on a mobile cart,
  • videoconferencing set with Microsoft Teams Rooms license and a touch
  • PTZ camera mounted under the ceiling, directed at the teacher,
  • wall and ceiling speakers,
  • ceiling microphone matrix,
  • multi channel audio amplifier,
  • DSP processor,
  • control system network switch,
  • control unit,
  • table connection including: HDMI cable, USB cable and power socket,
  • wiring and mounting accessories.
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