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What is University OnDemand?

OnDemand is a tool for gathering knowledge resources and tracking students’ progress in acquiring it. A characteristic advantage, and a goal for us, is the opportunity to standardise the knowledge transferred within the entire university. The product is also characterised by flexibility, as materials can be added and implemented at any time. In addition, it gives the opportunity to create paid and independent courses. Such a solution not only allows to support the long-term consolidation of knowledge, but also to increase the quality of the materials provided.

Want to see how University OnDemand works?

Attractive and flexible classes for students

Access to lectures, computer environment (if required) and additional materials without restrictions - in a favorable format, from anywhere at any time

Possibility to create classes and manage lectures and practical classes

Possibility to build libraries of paid and free courses and upload materials in the form of documents and video files.

Student group management

Freedom to create groups, grant access to materials and the ability to make changes according to the user’s needs.

Tracking progress and confirming knowledge

Possibility of integration with the CloudExam remote examination tool, tracking the progress of classes and generating certificates of completion of learning.

Application for mobile devices

The mobile application emphasises and increases the flexibility of the product - all materials made available to a given user are available only with a phone with Internet access.

Additional benefits

Additional benefits can be derived from the integrated payment system (for paid courses) and the possibility of registering for lectures from the platform level.


We pay attention to the smallest details and we want our platform to be as user-friendly as possible, which is why the option of modifying the appearance is available to make the product as integrated with the university as possible.

Universities using OnDemand

Integration with other CloudTeam solutions

OnDemand is fully compatible with the CloudExam remote examination tool and CloudLabs, a virtual lab platform. Together, they form an integrated set of tools that allows to conduct comprehensive educational activities.

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