Learning to programme


What is CloudCode?

CloudCode is an interactive platform for learning programming and verifying programming skills. Thanks to this tool, available from any place and device, users can gain new skills in the field of programming, which is especially important in the face of the growing demand for programmers on the labour market. This platform guides users through a variety of tasks, from the basics to advanced issues, thanks to which education in this field can be even more effective and efficient.

As a comprehensive learning platform, it also has the ability to connect to the CloudExam exam system, thanks to which you can conduct a programming exam session.

Want to see how CloudCode works?

Programming languages

Possibility to learn many programming languages

Task catalogue

The application has a large library of tasks uploaded as a base. They are varied both in terms of the diversity of issues and difficulty in each programming language available on the platform.

Own tasks

Each task in the library is modifiable. In addition, it is possible to create your own tasks and their scenario, with your own grading system, in any language supported by the platform.

Adaptive selection of tasks

The system individually selects the difficulty level of subsequent tasks and their field, depending on the mistakes made by the user.

Detection and analysis of difficult areas

Based on the statistics generated during solving the tasks, the system shows in which areas the difficulty occurred and what needs to be worked on.

Instant feedback for the student

What distinguishes CloudCode in this area is an extensive system for verifying the correctness of a solution - it checks each code whether it solves a given task, and also shows the degree of effectiveness of the answer.

Learning in a new form of learning-by-doing

It is a hands-on way of learning that involves learning through problem solving, which both allows to remember the theory, but also to assimilate its use in practice.

Universities using CloudExams

Integration with other CloudTeam solutions

CloudCode can be integrated with our CloudExams platform. Thanks to this, you gain the ability to create programming exams. The possibility of combining these two products with each other significantly expands the examination area and makes it more practical.

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