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With the rapid development of the Internet, we face a huge opportunity to transform work and learning by using Cloud services. Schools, universities, as well as public administration institutions are constantly developing and transforming themselves in order to meet the growing demands of successive generations of young people, brought up in the era of free access to IT technologies and the Internet. A company that understands the needs of universities and other public institutions is Lenovo – a leader in the implementation of new technologies in many areas of our lives. Lenovo recognises that stable technology leadership is essential to ensure academic, public and government institutions are able to respond to the ever-changing challenges inherent in the IT industry.

Lenovo laptops

Lenovo’s portfolio, prepared with education in mind, includes several very popular series of laptops. They are characterised by lightness, high mobility, very good quality of workmanship, making them great tools for learning, preparing written works or for independently searching for newer and newer educational materials. On the other hand, they facilitate remote teaching and work for lecturers.

Lenovo ThinkSmart View Plus

ThinkSmart View Plus is an integrated device with a 27-inch touchscreen and the highest quality image and sound. For Microsoft Teams users, it offers a wide range of configurations, as well as a high degree of security and flexibility. It is the perfect single-workstation hybrid tool that lets you quickly organise your workspace for chatting, meeting, or logging into your personal Teams account.

The ThinkSmart View Plus also easily switches to the monitor mode when connected to a computer via USB-C. It enables comfortable work thanks to the ergonomic base with a convenient place for a mobile phone.

A detachable soundbar with two 5W speakers and four microphones allows users to hear more clearly and be heard better, while the detachable 4K IRGB camera with auto-framing and AI-based security ensures a sharp, clear image.

Lenovo products can optionally be covered by advanced after-sales support in the form of Lenovo Premier Support. The basis of professional service on the part of the company is, among other things, express repair at the place of residence of the user of the equipment and a 24/7 hotline. Thus, in reality, the customer receives not only a powerful device, but also a number of additional functionalities and advanced warranty support.

Lenovo's priority is hardware protection and data security. That's why the ThinkShield platform was created, with the goal of securing the computer at every stage of use. Already during the design of such hardware, a key factor is protection and security against unauthorized access. For this reason, a variety of security features are implemented in computers, ranging from a secure BIOS, through the use of biometric methods of authorization and login, to the integration of solutions aimed at safe use of the Internet - these include blocking access to suspicious sites or preventing the preparation of malware attacks and phising (a method of attack involving impersonation of a specific person or institution in order to gain access to sensitive computer data).

In addition to hardware, cloud-based solutions are also important. The integration of Lenovo-branded computer hardware (notebooks, classic computers with the appropriate peripherals, i.e. monitors, computer keyboards and mice) with the CloudLabs platform, not only enables efficient preparation of teaching rooms with the possibility of cost optimization, but also introduces completely new solutions for students who want to acquire knowledge no matter where they are. In an era of constant new challenges, such capabilities are incredibly valuable. Lenovo, with its end-to-end solutions in terms of offered hardware and security, is now an entity that can significantly accomplish such tasks.

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