Virtual Laboratories


What is CloudLabs?

CloudLabs is a platform for assigning computing environments to students. Once they have received an email with a link to the environment, students can operate it from anywhere and anytime. They are not limited by the technical parameters of their computers, because all operations are performed on central servers, in the university or public cloud.

Our solution has been designed to facilitate the process of preparing computer labs in educational institutions and to optimise IT costs. Teaching staff and students have access to assignments in a specially designed virtual environment, which both speeds up the learning process and enables practical experience. The solution is used in several European countries, including several universities in Poland. It has been classified as one of three global solutions used to distribute training environments.

In 2020, it was recommended by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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Savings on IT infrastructure

There is no need to invest in equipment in lecture halls - all you need is a browser and Internet access

Staff savings

Universities do not have to involve IT departments in the process of preparing computer labs.

Availability of resources

The possibility of providing resources, including software used in classes on a 24/7 basis - even in the event of a pandemic or other fortuitous events.

Universities using CloudLabs

Integration with other CloudTeam solutions

High integration potential is a very important indicator when choosing tools that improve the work standard. In the case of CloudLabs, it can be integrated with other CloudTeam products such as:

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University OnDemand
OnDemand lectures
Integration with deanery systems