Managing access to computers

CloudLabs Light

What is CloudLabs Light?

CloudLabs Light is a system that helps manage access to computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems based on the Active Directory directory service and Microsoft's Remote Desktop Gateway feature. Computers can be physical workstations, servers or virtual machines. The system will allow remote and automated granting and revoking of users' computer login privileges.

Want to see how CloudLabs Light works?

Manage access to computers of different types: physical workstations, virtual machines, servers with Microsoft Windows 10 or later and Windows Server 2016 or later operating systems

Manage user access to computers within a single domain

Indication of existing Active Directory computer groups for management

Indication of existing Active Directory user groups to manage

Grant/revoke access to the indicated group of users to computers in the indicated group of computers

Remote logout of all users from all computers in the indicated group of computers

Automatically log out all users whose access to the designated computer group has been revoked

Ability to configure single sign-on (SSO) with an identity management system that supports the OpenID Connect protocol