Integration of university systems

Integration of university systems

While offering products and services to support teaching, we noticed that each successive solution brings many risks related to the proliferation of tools and lack of integration with existing platforms or IT entities. University management is a complex process that requires the integration and maintenance of multiple information systems. Over the past years we have gained knowledge, competence and experience in the implementation of large IT projects in universities, public institutions and businesses. This allows us to provide professional IT solutions in all areas of the university.

The solutions we offer include such elements as:

  • inventory of existing systems to be involved in the integration process;
  • defining the expected areas for data exchange;
  • choice of integration tool;
  • designing the structure of the integrated data with a before/after breakdown;
  • execution of the integration;
  • documentation of changes;
  • designing and implementing security of integrated environments;
  • design of knowledge transfer from implementation teams to staff of educational institutions.

To date, we can boast the following examples of integration:

  • e-services – whether offered by our company, existing at the university, or planned for purchase
  • unification of an authentication system for students and university staff
  • integration of virtual laboratories with existing e-learning systems
  • integration of an examination system with the USOS platform
  • implementation of commercial and custom integration buses
  • integration of a business process stimulation centre with existing domain systems at the university, such as ERP or USOS
  • application migration to cloud
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