What is a Microcredential?

Microcredentials are digital certificates that prove the acquisition of specific skills or knowledge in very specific areas.

In response to the growing needs of the labor market and the expectations of today's students, we offer comprehensive services to implement a microcredentals system at universities. Our approach encompasses a full range of activities from auditing, through the creation of reliable microcredentals, to the implementation of modern technological solutions.

Want to see how our microcredentals platform works?

Support for the implementation of microcredentals at Universities

Education audit

At the beginning of the cooperation, we will conduct a detailed audit of subjects and educational areas. The goal is to identify those that are most desirable to students and valuable from the point of view of labor market needs. The audit will help define the key skills and knowledge that should be covered by microcredentials.

Microcredentals creation

A key aspect of our offering is to ensure that microcredentials are widely accepted and respected throughout the education and business ecosystem. This is the stage where I will engage individuals both on the university side of ours and possible industry and academic experts to create standards that will enhance the credibility and acceptance of microcredentials.

Development of the content of microcredentals

Na podstawie audytu oraz w konsultacji z pracownikami uczelni, partnerami edukacyjnymi i biznesowymi, opracujemy spersonalizowane treści do mikropoświadczeń. Zawartość będzie bazować na aktualnych danych uczelni lub informacjach dostarczonych przez partnerów branżowych, co zapewni jej wysoką jakość i trafność.

Examination Platform

As part of our service, we will propose the implementation of the CloudExams exam platform, which allows you to effectively manage the process of obtaining microcredentals. This platform offers secure and proven tools for online exams, guaranteeing high quality and transparency.

Microcredentals generation and storage system

We will design and implement a system that will not only generate microcredentials, but also ensure their secure storage and easy access. The system will use the latest technologies such as blockchain for data integrity and digital wallets for easy presentation.

Audit and quality assurance

Our offer also includes regular audits and quality assessment of the entire microcredentals system. This will allow for ongoing adjustment and improvement of the system in response to the changing needs of the university and the labor market.

Implementing microcredentials is an investment in the future of students' education and professional development. We provide comprehensive services at every stage of the process, from needs analysis to full technological implementation that translates into real benefits for the university, students and their future employers.